The Learning Center believes that every child is capable of achieving academic success. The Learning Center programs include: after school tutoring in all subject areas, home school support, test proctoring, course credits and a variety of summer programs. The Learning Center has tutors with an erray of skills. We work with students in Elementary School through College.

The Learning Center provides individualized, multi-sensory academic therapy programs designed to remediate students with learning deficits in all academic areas from early reading, language and math to upper level math and science for high school and college students. The center provides 1-on-1 and group after school tutoring for students in all grades. Students can also make up course credits when needed. Teachers at the learning center have a variety of academic specializations and they can be a vital link between the child, parents, clinitians, schools and pediatricians. The Learning Center has a robust homeschool support system which can be customized to meet the individual needs of each student and family.

The Learning Center Services

  1. Individual Tutoring Services in all subject areas
  2. Test Proctoring
  3. Home School Support Services
  4. Summer Programs
  5. Course Credits
  6. Learning & Study Skills Training
  7. Educational Consultation Service 

The Learning Center 

Learning Skills 

The learning skills training program is fast-paced and emphasizes practical objectives and strategies that translate into successful school habits. The training helps students adapt to their individual learning style and discern which study methods are particularly well suited to the way in which they learn.

Test Proctoring 

The Learning Center provides test proctoring services for students taking online classes and for other institutions which need proctored evaluations for their personnel.

Summer Programs

Summer is the best time for students to "catch-up" or get ready for the coming school year. The absence of school stress allows students to fully concentrate on their individual program.


The Learning Center's English and language instruction is specifically geared to the skill and grade level of each student.


 The mathematics program prepares our students to reach their highest degree of skill in mathematical computation. All math skills are taught using precise and systematic programs.



Child & Family Services

Teletherapy is offered for all services. Tutoring is also available online.

After School Help

The Learning Center offers intensive, individualized, one to one academic instruction, targeting students who are having difficulty with specific academic subject areas.

Home School Support

Students study at The Learning Center during the "regular school day" with trained teachers who offer individualized education help and support for the academic areas that are most needed by the student and parent. We can cover all academic areas or focus on a particular subject depending on the families needs. Our home school programs are customized to meet the individual needs of each student and family.